Phenomenal Women's Summit 2015

PhenomenalWomen's Summit



 Phenomenal Women Stepping Up:

“Remember the Past, Live Today, Plan for the Future”





September 3-5, 2015

Phenomenal Women's Summit 2015








The Phenomenal Women’s Summit has proven to be groundbreaking, as it invites women to address issues affecting women. This Summit is a personal appeal to share, grow, and move to a place of community in action for women everywhere.


The Phenomenal Women’s Summit is a multi-faceted jewel of  learning, through workshops and  plenary sessions,;  sharing through encounter groups; giving through service and outreach projects; growing through entertainment and cultural enrichment, and forming and renewing valuable friendships.


"This Summit brings  women of all walks of life and of all ages together.  The Summit calls on women who have been phenomenal in their fields to share their experiences as participants seek to enhance their professional, civic, social and personal lives.  We invite all women to come open to receive insight and wisdom, to share their own stories, and to leave empowered to make a difference in the world!”

Bishop Teresa Snorton


The Summit is presented by the National Institute for Human Development, Incorporated.  This non-profit organization has served the community for over twenty-five years through development of partnerships for leaders training, economic empowerment, and academic excellence.


NIHD is proud to partner with volunteers, government agencies, businesses, and social agencies to bring this event to Alabama and its surrounding states.


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